Here’s What You Need in Your Winter Safety Kit

Customized Winter Survival Kit

Every Canadian knows the feeling of absolute disappointment in the morning when they see their car covered in a layer of snow. Cleaning the snow away is just the beginning of the day full of snow sneaking into your shoes and freezing hands. Being adapting beings, people have learnt how to deal with these situations with the right equipment.

If you’re a new immigrant in the country or simply just want to create your own customized winter safety kit, this article is for you. The items mentioned here are the basics, you’re free to add your own items for whichever purpose you wish.

Let’s see what’s needed:

Winter Jacket:

A winter jacket is the most important and probably the largest item that covers most of your body. Make sure to pick a jacket with good insulation. Based on the environment you’d be spending most of your time in, you can either pick down or synthetic insulated jacket. If you’ll be in dry and cold climates, a jacket with down insulation will do wonders for you but if you will be spending your time in a damp, cold environment, synthetic insulation is the way to go.

Apart from good insulation, especially in Canada, a jacket also needs to be waterproof or at the very least water-resistant properties. Those snowflakes sure do look great falling on you but once they soak into your garments, they can turn you into a walking snowman with chattering teeth. To make your jacket unique to yourself, you can get it decorated with your own company logo or your favourite graphic. Check out our collection of jackets that we can customize for you.

Winter Jackets - - Winter Survival Kit - Canadian Winters - Custom Logo - Embroidery - Heat Transfer


Now that you know the thing needed to protect most of your body from the cold, it’s time we talk about another crucial body part that we use to open doors, pick stuff and basically for countless other things throughout the day, hands. It is very important to keep your hands warm if you want to be functional in Canadian winter.

The way to do that is to get your hands in a good warm pair of gloves. Unlike jackets, picking gloves can be a bit tricky. A jacket can be thick and it won’t bother you as much, but a thick pair of gloves can render your hands to be incapable of picking stuff. Check out this great pair of gloves on Amazon, here and don’t forget to check other options.

Winter Gloves - - Winter Safety Kit - Custom Logo


I think we all know how cold works. You could be covering most of your body but if something as small as your ears isn’t warm, you’ll feel the cold rushing through your whole body. Cold winter weather can make your ears physically hurt and decrease your productivity. Give your ears a break from the windy cold weather with a comfortable and warm toque. If you wish to personalize your toque, we can do it for you at Workwear Toronto. Give us a call to know more.

Toques & Beanies - - Winter Essentials - Canadian Winters - Custom Logo


Although water is the last thing you want to be near when it’s cold, your body needs it. Dehydration in winter is a thing. In winter, your sweat evaporates more rapidly and the air is already dry, which can result in dehydration. The lack of sweat on our bodies tricks us to believe that we’re not losing any body fluids. On top of everything, cold temperatures can also reduce the body’s thirst response. But to maintain the normal hydration level of our bodies, we need to drink water. So, don’t forget to carry water with you whenever you decide to go on a trip.

Water Bottles - - Winter Survival Kit - Custom Labels

Snow Shoes with Goof Grip:

Ordinary shoes are a no-no in winter. They let water seep through them and become anti-winter shoes, freezing your feet as well as making you slip and fall. How many times have you seen one of your friends or a stranger on the sidewalk slip and fall on the snow? It sure is funny as long as it’s not happening to us. To save yourself from both getting hurt and embarrassed, don’t forget to pack a great pair of snowshoes with a good grip. Take a look at this pair.

Winter Snow Shoes - - Corporate Apparel

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