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We offer a complete package of branding solutions for you to start pushing your brand or to start your brand from scratch. We brand almost everything, from t-shirts, shirts, pants, shorts to pens and glasses. You name the item that you want to be branded with your logo and we can make it happen right here at Workwear Toronto. Here at Workwear Toronto we are very well experienced when it comes to customizing products such as clothes and promotional products. The following are the decoration techniques we use to custom brand the clothes:

  • Embroidery: We use embroidery machines to stitch your custom logo and text. At Workwear Toronto, we can embroider your company logo or text on almost any style of apparel and accessory, and it is generally considered to be ideal for polos, jackets, woven shirts, caps, towels, blankets, toques, and bags. We do custom embroidery in almost any colour and shape. Our designers ask you what your requirements are and based on the requirements, we create a digital mock-up of what your logo would look like on the clothing or object that you picked. Once the digital mockup is approved, we start the embroidery process.
  • Screen Printing: The easy way to think about it is the photographic stencil process. A stencil is created which is then pressed up against the fabric or object to apply layers of ink directly onto the product. The output is the screen’s image transferred to the print surface. The versatility and the nature of ink, allows it to be used for a wide variety of items. Screen Printing, also known as silk screen printing, is considered to be the most cost-effective and reliable method for large quantity print jobs. It is especially considered to work well with items like t-shirts, tanks, activewear, promotional pens, custom printed notebooks, drinkware, golf balls, and more.
  • Heat Transfer: Heat transfer is one of the most commonly used printing techniques, due to its ability to support an unlimited number of colours. Heat Transfer is also known as a digital transfer. It is considered to be the most affordable form of printing because, in the case of other methods such as embroidery and screen printing, there are physical resources like thread and ink to create a logo or graphic but in the case of heat transfer it is a custom printed vinyl that is transferred to the material using heat and pressure. Heat Transfer is considered ideal for reflective and high visibility graphics. Some of the benefits of heat transfer include no minimum quantity, relatively less setup cost, great detailing in graphics, available in many finishes and styles, all that while being environmentally friendly.
  • Logo Design: Quite often we come across a situation where a client is looking to start their own brand and to start a brand the first thing that’s required is an identity. It goes without saying that logos act as a brand’s identity. So, Workwear Toronto offers our clients custom logo design services where we gather information about what their brand is, and after analyzing the input and the customer’s vision we design logos for them. Getting a logo is considered to be the first step of starting a business, and we’re here to help you make your dream of having a business, come true.

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