Christmas 2020 Gift Ideas for Employees – Gifts Ideas Under $100

Christmas 2020 Corporate Gift Ideas under $100*

This year’s Christmas is different for everyone. This year, with “the great reset” on the loose, we’re reminded how lucky we are to be surrounded by loved ones even if it’s virtual for some people. Chances are you’re a business owner looking for gift ideas for your employees for Christmas 2020.

If so, you’re on the right blog post. This year you can lift their spirits by being their Santa! Experts at Workwear Toronto have compiled a list of gifts you can give to all kinds of employees. almost all of the products mentioned here are under $100. 

Buying the same gift for everyone may be perceived as if you just didn’t care enough to know them on a deeper human level. Why not give it a little thought and get your employees something they might actually have on their list for Santa. Let’s see what you can get them:

For the Employee Who’s always feeling Cold

Canadian Winters are rough and you always have someone working for you who feels a bit colder than anyone else. For an employee like that, you can give them the gift of warmth. With these amazing USB Heated Hand Gloves. These are unisex and come in a variety of colours. The fingerless design makes sure they’re not affecting the typing or touch screen experience.

USB Heated Hand Gloves - - Chritmas Gift Ideas 2020 - Corporate Christmas Gifts - Amazon

For the Employee Who’s always feeling hot

At any time of the year, the workspace becomes a battlefield when it comes to deciding the ideal temperature. Some want it hot and toasty while others want it cool and chilled. When one party is outnumbered, they have no choice but to take the beating and say nothing. If you have an employee(s) who feels hot, then consider giving them this Ultra Slim Desktop Oscillating Fan as a Christmas gift. It can easily sit on top of a desk and keep the hot-headed one cool (LOL) while keeping others at peace for not having to fight for a colder temperature.

Ultra Slim Desktop Oscillating Fan - - Cosrporate Christmas Gift Ideas - Amazon

For the one who loves Jackets

If you have someone working for you who constantly shows up in new jackets and hoodies, consider giving them this jacket personalized with their favourite graphic or design as their Christmas 2020 gift. Call 647-533-7223 for a quote.

Customized Jackets with Custom logo - - Christmas 2020 Best Gift Ideas

For The Employee Who’s always late

You must have at least one employee who gets late to work and while they may have a perfectly good reason for that every time, doesn’t mean you can’t be a fun boss. Give them this Heimvision Sunrise Alarm Clock. The name says it all, it’s a digital alarm clock. It comes with a built-in light that mimics the sunrise. The minimal design and the use of calm and soothing sounds make it a pleasure to wake up to compared to those mini heart attacks you get when your iPhone’s alarm goes off [Not available anymore].

Heimvision Sunrise Alarm Clock - - Christmas 2020 Gift Ideas for Employees - Amazon

For the Employee who prefers things to be clean

For the neat and clean one from your workplace, what better could you get other than something that helps them maintain the tidiness of their desk? Check out this super compact Finelnno Desktop Vacuum Cleaner. This mini vacuum is roughly the size of a baseball that can pick up crumbs, dirt and lint and even suction dirt out of a keyboard. Comes in a variety of colours [Not available anymore].

Finelnno Desktop Vacuum Cleaner - - Christmas 2020 Gift Ideas for Employees & Friends - Amazon

For the Intern or Newbie

If someone new has joined your team, chances are you don’t have enough time to get to know them. So why not give them something that they can for sure make good use of? Take a look at this Nero Manetti Leather Padfolio. Helping them to look more professional with this 12-pocket padfolio made from vegan leather that also has 2 pen holders, a tablet sleeve, a phone sleeve and more.

Nero Manetti Leather Padfolio - - Christmas Gift Ideas for 2020 - Amazon

For the Employee who’s into aromatherapy

For the spiritual being of your team who likes to channel their inner chakras through aromatherapy and meditation, a Himalayan Salt Lamp appears to be a great gift. Himalayan pink salt is known to have stress-relieving and air-purifying properties. On top of that, it looks good sitting on a desk.

Himalayan Salt Lamp - Aromatherapy - - Best Christmas Gift Ideas 2020 - Amazon

For the Remote Employee who lives under the thumb of the brown God

With the pandemic on the loose, chances are you have certain employees working from home. One thing they must be missing would be the coffee from the office coffee machine. Why not give them the pleasure of sipping some good coffee? Consider giving them this Keurig single-serve coffee maker for Christmas 2020. It’s a single-serve coffee maker that will keep them energized.

Keurig single-serve coffee maker - - Best Gift Ideas for Christmas 2020 - Amazon

For the Employee Whose phone is always dying

For the one who’s always struggling with charging cables and a dying phone, consider giving this Bamboo Wood Charging Station, capable of charging multiple devices at once, as a  Christmas gift. Who wouldn’t love a cool and neat charging station?

Bamboo Wood Charging Station - - Christmas Gift Ideas for 2020 - Corporate Gifts - Amazon

For the Employee who’s got the baking bug

Being under quarantine gave people time to develop some personal skills. For your employee who just got into baking, this Fox Run Marble Rolling Pin will make a perfect Christmas gift.

Fox Run Marble Rolling Pin - - Best Christmas 2020 Gift ideas - Amazon

For the Employee Who Loves to Write:

We work with someone who would rather write things down than typing them in the notes app. They like to make written notes, show them your support by giving some cool pens that also act as phone stands and stylus. We can even customize these with your company logo or any personalized message.

Promotional Products 2020 - Custom Pens - Custom Logo - - Magic Pen - Christmas Gift Ideas 2020

For the Employee whose cat has its own Instagram following:

We all know a person whose pet has their own Instagram following. If one of those is working for you, this Organic Cat Grass Growing Kit is the perfect Christmas gift for them. This kit grows a bundle of grass that cats are weirdly drawn to, in an attractive cat-faced mug. 

Organic Cat Grass Growing Kit - - Christmas 2020 Gift Ideas - Amazon

For the Tea Drinker:

For the employee who loves nice tea, consider giving them this Teabloom All Beverage Tumbler to carry around their tea for hours till they feel ready to spill it.

Teabloom All Beverage Tumbler - - Best Christmas ideas for 2020 - Amazon

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