Workwear Toronto’s tips for choosing the perfect promotional product to advertise your business.

Promotional Products – The Optimal Way To Advertise in 2020

The world of advertising is a maze and it is so easy to get lost in it if you take the wrong step. This happens because the planet has billions of humans, all of whom are unique and have their own sense of appreciation and decision-making.

So what should you be focusing on when you know that everyone you’re trying to woo is unique. After working in the branding industry for more than a decade, experts at Workwear Toronto have the following wisdom to share a few tips with you about what should be your mindset while advertising:

  • Picture yourself as the target customer you’re trying to sell your services to.
  • If you’re going with paper-based or online ads, don’t bother wasting your money unless the ad is extremely creative & let’s face it, every good and creative idea probably has been used.
  • Offer people something, a discount or store credit, etc.
  • Think outside the box; join hands with promotional products to do the advertising.

Speaking of promotional products, it goes without saying that they’re the clear winner. People appreciate something they can use far more than a piece of paper of an annoying ad that interrupts their favourite video.

Tips for Choosing the right Promotional products

To help you pick the best promotional product for advertising your brand, here are a few tips/things you should base your decision on:

  1. Figure out who your target audience is. Despite everyone being unique there are some traits or likes that you find in a particular group of people, Such as kids like toys, teenagers like cool headwear, etc.
  2. Take your time researching your market, branding shops that can get you these products. Workwear Toronto is the best branding shop in the GTA, but do your own research before taking anyone’s word.
  3. Is the product you’re considering, usable and durable? If either of those things is “no”, then it’s time to reconsider the product unless you want it thrown into the garbage after a few days.
  4. Creating a hype never hurts anybody. Create a buzz related to your brand, a huge discount or offer, etc. Then when it’s all heated, release the promotional products.
  5. Consider how much you’re willing to spend; promotional products can range from a simple mask to basically anything that you can think of is acceptable as a gift.
  6. Plan how to distribute. You can’t distribute all the products in the same neighbourhood. For best results, make sure the products are being given away in various locations covering a good radius.

Now that you know the tips, you’re free to hunt for the perfect promotional product to boost your brand recognition. You may view Workwear Toronto’s collection of promotional products here.

For any concerns and queries about promotional products, don’t hesitate from calling us at 647-533-7223 or visit our showroom located at 24 Ronson Dr, Unit 1, Etobicoke, ON, M9W1B4.

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