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Custom Workwear Decorated With Your Logo:

A new chapter called 2021 is about to begin. You are the author and 2021 being your blank chapter which you will write as you go through it via your actions and deeds. This is why most people make new year’s resolutions to improve themselves or their businesses by committing to something. Because it is exciting to start a year with ambition and dedication. At Workwear Toronto, our new year’s resolution is to make our services more easily accessible to our clients. 

For people who own businesses, this would be the right time for you to pump some motivation into your staff. We can all agree that the year 2020 has been hard on almost everyone. As a result, it is natural that we’ve lost inspiration and motivation. Now, you wouldn’t want employees who feel defeated working for you, would you? One of the ways to show your employees that everything is going to be alright and that you appreciate them working with you is to switch up their wardrobe. Here’s What You can get them to show them it’s a new beginning and you’re ready to take on 2021.

Customized Workwear for your staff:

Ever seen a Tim Horton’s or Starbucks employee without their customized apparel with the company logo on it? Having a team wearing workwear decorated with your business logo has its reasons and perks.

  • It makes your team appear more professional.
  • Seeing a team wearing workwear decorated with the company logo makes your customers feel more comfortable about the authenticity of your business.
  • It helps create a brand image; repeatedly seeing something automatically makes you remember it over time.

Now that you are aware of why companies get custom decorated workwear for their team, here’s what you can get to freshen up the look of your team:

  • Custom Decorated Jackets:

    Canadian winters are rough. Everyone appreciates a good jacket that keeps them warm. To boost the spirit of your employees as we enter the year 2021, don’t you think a jacket is something they’ll really appreciate? Seems too much? Think if the jacket has a logo of your company or business on it. It’ll be a win-win situation. Your brand gets the exposure and your employee gets the jacket. Check out our collection of jackets which we can customize for you with your company logo using Heat Transfer, Screen Printing & Embroidery.
    Brothers Hoisting - - Custom Decorated Workwear With Your Logo - Custom Jackets Venus Autoparks - - Custom Decorated Jackets with custom logo

  • Hoodies with your company logo:

    Think jackets are a bit much? You can always get them some cool and comfortable hoodies decorated with your company logo and they’ll appreciate those just as much unless you gave them the impression that you’ll get them something more expensive. Take a look at our collection of hoodies that we can customize for you using Heat transfer, Screen Printing & Embroidery, depending on your choice and requirements.
    Home Free - Hoodies - Workwear - Custom Hoodies Decorated With Your Logo

  • Pants:

    Not a lot of people gift pants to their employees which is exactly why you should do it. Everyone wears pants and a pair of pants is something that sits on the top layer, unlike t-shirts or vests that can be covered by jackets. To have your employees wearing pants that show off your logo is something you should be considering about. Have a look at what we have in store for you that we can decorate with your company logo.

  • T-shirts & Headwear:

    Being on a budget doesn’t mean your efforts will not be reciprocated. Small wearables like t-shirts, toques, hats or beanies decorated with your logo is a great way to step into the game if this is your first time getting workwear branded with your custom logo. View our headwear & T-shirts collection and let’s get your team some premium quality t-shirts or headwear with your company logo on it.
    Home Free Pest Removal - - Custom headwear baseball hats with logo - Embroidery Brothers Hoisting Reflective Logo - - Custom decorated headwear with custom logo - Heat Transfer Home Free Pest Rwmoval - - Custom t-shirts decorated with your company logo Blue Home Free Pest Removal - - Custom t-shirts decorated with your company logo Green Star Contracting - - T-shirts with custom logo

These are just a few things that most of our clients usually go for but our collection holds a wide range of products. Go through our products section and see if you can find something else that suits your fancy. We can pretty much decorate everything that we’re showing on our website with your custom logo.

For any queries or to get a quote, feel free to give us a call at 647-533-7223 or visit our showroom located at 24 Ronson Dr, Unit 1, Etobicoke, ON, M9W1B4 to speak to one of our branding stylists.

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