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Brothers Container Custom Decorated Hoodies by Workwear


Brothers Container requirement for customized safety green t-shirts, black hoodies, and tracksuit bottoms stopped them by the Workwear Toronto showroom. Brother Container is a company offering lumping and shipping container services like loading and unloading for the GTA, Toronto, and Southern Ontario. Workwear Toronto’s personalized range of corporate apparel and custom decorated hoodies made Brothers Container’s team very content and therefore, they ordered Stormtech hoodies with yellow decals.

Stormtech takes a pride in designing and manufacturing sports equipment and apparel for specialty retailers and corporate clients. In no time, the hoodies arrived from Stormtech and matched the Brothers Container branding colors perfectly. Workwear Toronto initiated the process of Silk Screen Printing the hoodies with the Brothers Containers logo. Silk screen printing is also known as Screen Printing, a process where a stencil is created and pressed up against the fabric or object to apply layers of ink directly onto the product. Workwear Toronto is popularly known for customizing corporate apparel through this technique.

We are honored that because of our customized hoodies, the staff at BCS will now stand out at work. The yellow looks exquisite against the black, almost like a safety vest. The yellow dye used for these hoodies is not reflective, although we do offer reflective customization apparel at Workwear.

Speak to one of our team at Workwear at 24 Ronson Drive, Unit #1, Etobicoke, M9W 1B4.

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